Youth vaccine is a mesotherapy method applied to restore the moisture and vitality of the skin, and to remove deformations and fine wrinkles.

How is the youth vaccine administered?
The cocktail mixture, which contains a concentrated amount of pure hyaluronic acid, is made by injection with very small fine needles, after numbing it with a local anesthetic cream.

Youth vaccine can be applied 2 or 4 sessions with 2 weeks intervals. There are studies showing that the effect lasts for a long time if it is repeated every 6 months.

How is the effect of the youth vaccine seen?
Thanks to the pure use of hyaluronic acid contained in the youth vaccine, it spreads in the dermis and wraps that area, and helps the skin to revive and gain moisture with its water-holding feature, and to increase the activity of collagen and elastin.

With the regeneration and tissue repair it creates on the skin, it causes the skin to look younger, lively and healthy.

Who can get the youth vaccine?
Youth vaccine can be applied to anyone over the age of 20 and to any skin type, as well as as a complementary treatment with other anti-aging applications.

Where can the youth vaccine be applied?
It can be injected into all areas where we want to revitalize the skin and increase the natural moisture rate, such as the whole face, under the eyes, décolleté, neck and hands.

What are the complications of youth vaccination?
Temporary mild swelling, redness or bruising may be seen in the applied area. However, these effects are not permanent.

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