In general:

Thigh lift surgery is a surgical procedure that involves removal of the excess sagging skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue on inner, sometimes outer parts of the thighs.

Which techniques are used in thigh lift surgeries?

Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes an average of 1-2 hours in our clinic. After liposuction, the sagging tissue and/or excess skin are removed off the superficial fascia, hence protecting the important vessels, lymph channels and nerves. The scars are hidden under the underwear or inside the thighs.

How long is the hospital stay after thigh lift surgery?

Patients generally spend a night in the hospital.

How long is the recovery process after the surgery?

After thigh lift surgery, mild pain can be felt at a controllable level with painkillers. You can stand up on the same day and take a bath on the 2nd or 3rd days. It is normal to see slight bruising and swelling on the inner surface of the leg after the surgery. Return to routine life is generally after a month. However, prolonged wound care may be necessary due to seroma and wound healing problems etc. (mostly seen in smokers).

Will there be any scars after the surgery?

It is a scar operation. The color, thickness and thinness of the scars vary from patient to patient. The horizontal part of the scar is placed on the groin and can be hidden under underwear; however, it can migrate down a little with the effect of gravity and become visible. The vertical part of the scar is planned on the inner part of the thigh (and/or on the outer part in some post-bariatric patients), which is less visible. If the degree of sagging is high (generally after significant weight loss), the incision is made vertically along the inner thigh from top to bottom.

How often should the check-ups be after thigh lift surgery?

It is important whether thigh lift surgery is combined with any other type of surgery or not. If not, the patients are advised to visit the clinic generally within a week. Patients coming from outside the city or abroad should stay in the city for at least 7-10 days.

What are the risks of thigh lift surgery?

It should be noted that every surgical operation carries risks. Although it is not common, bleeding, difficulty in healing, nerve sensation problems and similar risks can be seen. With the changing and developing medical techniques from the past to the present, possible risks in thigh lift surgery have been reduced significantly.

How many sessions are planned for thigh lifting?

Since the lower limbs are circular structures, overtightening should be avoided to ensure a good wound healing and adequate blood circulation for the calves and feet. To do so, it may be necessary in some patients to plan more than a session.


Thigh lift surgery prices vary according to the operation method, the hospital where the surgery is performed and the experience of the team.

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