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Aesthetic and plastic surgery is constantly renewing and developing itself, to make people happier. An initiative focused on making people feel better, Mommy Makeover!

Postpartum deformations are one of the most common aesthetic problems women complain about. Sagging of the breasts, loosening in the abdomen, stretch marks in the lower abdomen, thickening in the waist area are the most important problems that can be improved with mommy makeover'. With the 'mommy makeover', it is possible to manage the problems on both breasts, the abdomen, and the waists in the same sitting. These procedures help mothers to increase their feminine self-confidence.

What are the main aesthetic problems in mothers?

Postpartum mothers may experience not only sagging or stretch marks in the abdominal skin, but also laxity in the abdominal wall with/without umbilical hernia. Postural deformity may also develop in ladies after the loose abdomen is curved forward that causes waist and back pain.

Breasts filled with milk during pregnancy and enlarged with weight gain rapidly shrink and sag, and the glandular tissue is replaced with connective tissue following the termination of lactation. Fat deposits in the hips, waists and tummy are also observed.

What is expected with mommy makeover operations?

It is often possible to manage the deformations that occur after pregnancy in a single operation session. In a period not exceeding 4-5 hours, it is possible to perform tummy tuck, liposuction and mammaplasty (lifting with/without augmentation or reduction). Abdominoplasty can be mini or full. Your doctor will decide this together with you. Currently, with developing techniques, while performing tummy tuck, liposuction is also performed on the upper abdomen, sides of the waist and up to the back. Thus, a better body contour is provided.

When can this surgery be performed after birth?

It is recommended to wait at least 6 months after weaning for interventions on the breasts to reduce infection risk and for more accurate assessment of the breast shapes. It is also the most ideal time for the mother since she has lost significant weight.

Which techniques are used in mommy makeover?

Breast lift and/or reduction/augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction and labiaplasty procedures are the most common desired procedures after pregnancy aesthetics.

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(Labiaplasty: The elongated inner vaginal lips are carefully reduced, the recovery period is short, and it is possible to return to normal life in a month after the operation.

How long is the hospital stay after the surgery?

According to the types of the procedures 1-3 day of hospital stay is generally advised.

How long is the recovery period after mommy makeover?

It is very important not to smoke for at least 2 weeks before and after the surgery. Smoking negatively affects the healing process and results.

The recovery period varies according to the type of the procedures performed, patient's body type and genetic background.

In general, complete recovery after surgery is observed in about 3 months. It is possible for many patients to return to desk jobs without heavy lifting and strenuous activities after about 2-3 weeks. Heavy sports should be avoided until about 6-8 weeks of the operation.

How often should follow-ups be after the surgery?

After mommy makeover, the patient is checked within a week after discharge. A binder covering the operated areas is used due to edema for about a month. It takes an average of six months for the skin to tighten and regain its final state.


Prices vary according to the operation methods, the hospital where the operation is performed and the experience of the team.


Our operations are performed by double board-certified Prof. Dr. Ömer Refik Özerdem under sterile conditions in hospitals with full-fledged operating rooms.

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