Lip augmentation, which is among the most popular aesthetic applications of today, is an aesthetic procedure in which only one lip (lower or upper) and sometimes both lips are filled together, mostly applied by those who complain of lip thinness.

What kind of technique is applied in lip augmentation aesthetics?
This process can be done with fillers (hyaluronic acid) or the transfer of fat taken from the person's body. The processing time is 5-10 minutes on average for the filler; For oil injection, it is between 15-20 minutes.

Is lip augmentation aesthetics more permanent than fillers or fat injection?
In our clinic, FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved fillers are preferred. It is stated that these products have a permanence of 6 - 9 months, and their permanence is prolonged in repetitive processes.

In applications made with oil injection, although approximately half of the given oil is destroyed over time, the remaining part can maintain its integrity for years.

What is the hospital stay after lip augmentation surgery ? It's not often needed.

Will there be any scars after lip augmentation surgery ?
No traces are visible.

What is the process after lip augmentation aesthetics?
Post-procedure swelling (may be asymmetry, improves over time), bruising, etc. side effects may occur.

What are the risks of lip thickening aesthetics?
It should not be forgotten that every surgical intervention carries a risk. However, in patients with thin lip structures, lip augmentation with filling materials or fat tissue is a low-risk application in experienced hands.

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