The experience gained over the years unfortunately leaves weary marks on our faces. However, in order to eliminate or minimize these scars, medical aesthetic applications come to our rescue today. And another application that is as popular as “botolinum” among these applications is fillers.

With filling, which is one of the most used methods of the rejuvenation industry, it is possible to eliminate the fine lines on the face and create a fuller and lifted effect.

The most common filler; They are 'hyaluronic acid' based fillings, as well as fillings are made with the fat taken from the person himself.

What is filler application? 
Filling application, which is used to fill fine and deep lines and wrinkles caused by external factors such as excessive exposure to the sun and aging, is a cosmetic procedure applied to reshape, plump and rejuvenate the face.

How long is the filling application permanent?
Depending on the person (skin and genetic structure), it has a permanence of 6 to 12 months.

How long does the filling application take?
Anesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated before the procedure and it is completed within 10-15 minutes after the cream shows its effect. The effect is seen immediately. Mild swelling and tiny bruises may occur after the procedure. Swelling and bruising seen after the application in fat injection applications can last up to 2 weeks) but there is no obstacle to return to social life.

What can be done with dermal fillers?
With dermal filler applications;

lip thickening

Smoothing facial wrinkles and wrinkles
Making the appearance of indentation scars more acceptable
Reducing facial deformities Reducing
the shadow of the lower lids (fat injection is preferred in our clinic for this procedure).

It is used in supportive treatment in people with signs of premature aging or who have undergone facial rejuvenation surgery.

What cannot be expected from dermal fillers?
Surgical applications such as face lift, eyebrow lift or eye lift are the best solutions for patients with depth and sagging where dermal filler application is not sufficient. Rejuvenation treatments of dermal fillers are minimal interventions and cannot be expected to give effective and permanent results as surgical applications.

Who can fill application?

Physically healthy
People who have a positive outlook and realistic goals to improve their appearance and are determined to maintain their skin health can have fillers applied.

Who should do the filling applications?
Filling applications are a fast-acting procedure that provides a visible improvement for facial fullness and a younger appearance. However, it should not be underestimated, and a physician with specialized training and comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy should be consulted for an effective and safe intervention. As with any medical procedure, dermal fillers can have significant side effects in some people, so treatment by a qualified doctor is essential for your safety and good results.

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