In general:

It is the process of injecting fat with thin layers into different aesthetic units of the face that need fullness and vitality. The fat to be injected is taken from suitable areas such as the abdomen or hips.

Who are the candidates of facial fat injection?

Fat injections can be applied to every middle-aged patient who suffers natural volume loss on the face or to those who need augmentation due to genetic, traumatic, or infectious reasons. In addition, facial contours can be adjusted by oil injection for those who have complaints such as a structurally flattened mid-face, posterior chin, and weak jaw line.

What are the auxiliary or combined operations performed simultaneously with fat injection to the face?

Fat injection to the face can generally be combined with face and neck lift surgeries, endoscopic brow lift surgery, lower and upper eyelid operations.

How long does the fat injection to the face take, what kind of anesthesia is given?

Fat injection to the face is a procedure that generally takes about an hour and is applied with sedation-local anesthesia.

How long is the hospital stay after fat injection to the face?

If it is not combined with another operation, the hospital stay is 0-1 days.

What techniques are applied in facial fat injection, how is it performed?

Depending on the preoperative planning, (generally approximately 10 – 30cc) a certain amount of adipose tissue is taken with suction. The fat is then purified and filtered into smaller particles. It is injected into the area/regions where needed.

Will there be any scars after fat injection to the face?

Slit scars on the donor areas are expected. No scar on the face.

What is the recovery process after fat injection to the face?

The patient can return to his/her home after hours or a day of surgery. Edema and slight bruising may occur that will regress with time (1 or 2 weeks) depending on the amount of fat injected.

How often should the controls be after fat injection to the face?

It is sufficient to come to the control on the 3rd day after the fat injection to the face. For this reason, our patients coming from out of town or abroad should stay in the city for at least 1 week after the procedure.

How effective is the procedure?

Approximately 40-50% of the fat is absorbed after the operation, the remaining fat stays on the face for years. Since some amount of fat is absorbed, you may need more than a session for a satisfactory result.

What are the possible complications?

Infection, asymmetry, overcorrection, and irregularities are some of the rare but possible complications. Operations are performed under strictly sterile conditions in an OR environment in our clinic to minimize the possibility of any complication.

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