In general:

Combined surgeries have been demanded increasingly over the last decade due to advances in bariatric surgery. Thanks to the developments in the fields of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery and anesthesiology, these operations can be performed much safer.

What are the benefits of combined procedures?

Our body is divided into different regions and aesthetic units in each region. To achieve an aesthetic harmony, simultaneous interventions may be required in multiple parts of the body. A plastic surgeon is trained to intervene in all these areas at the same time. For example, consider a person with a prominent nose but a small chin. In this person, it is difficult to get ideal results with only nose job or chin advancement operation. Both structures should be operated to achieve optimal results. The same is true for the trunk. In addition to breast reduction operation, treatment of the problems of the tummy (abdominoplasty, liposuction etc.) can make the appearance of the body even better.

Managing the problems on multiple body areas at the same time are also time- and cost-effective. It is possible to achieve a great aesthetic satisfaction with a single hospital stay and anesthesia.

How do other branches of surgery contribute to combined surgeries?

Bariatric surgery, which is included in general surgery practice and enables obese patients to lose weight rapidly and effectively, has become widespread in recent years. These operations have led to the opening of a new page in plastic surgery. Patients who lose weight rapidly after bariatric surgery are bothered by widespread contour defects caused by saggy skin. Combined contour correction operations can be applied to these patients with personalized adaptations. An example of this is the operation to remove the excess of the abdomen-waist region in the form of a circumferential belt. This operation also improves the buttock and outer thigh relaxations.

Where should the patient considering combined surgery start?

The aesthetic plastic surgeon will recommend an appropriate form of intervention according to the findings of the examination. Of course, the most important factor in the decision-making phase is the patient's needs, thoughts, and decisions.

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