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Breast lift (mastopexy) is an operation that has similarities with breast reduction surgery. Except for tissue removal (in the latter situation), breast contouring is based on similar principles. It should be noted that breast sagging cannot be eliminated by non-surgical methods.

How are breast lift operations performed?

It is a procedure performed with general anesthesia, which can be completed in an average of 1.5 - 2 hours in experienced hands. Although there is no reduction in the breast tissue, since the breast tissue is made tighter, an appearance may appear as if the reduction process was also performed. With vertical mammoplasty, which is a newer method that leaves fewer scars than others, it leaves a lollipop or anchor-shaped scar that extends from the nipple-areola complex to (or along) the breast fold. The more severe the sagging of the breast, the longer the foot of the anchor shape scar will be. Interventions only around the nipple-areola can only be performed in a limited number of patients; in this method, a flatter shape is obtained instead of the ideal drop shape.

How long is the hospital stay after breast lift surgery?

It can be done in an outpatient basis or one day of hospital stay may be recommended.

How are the small and sagging breasts managed?

If it is desired to increase the volume, a silicone prosthesis can also be applied in the same session (see more information on the breast augmentation page).

Will there be any scars after breast lift surgery?

The visible part of the scars after this surgery generally remains under the bra. It is located around the nipple and downwards from the nipple. They are permanent scars, although they mature and become much less visible with time (may require 6-24 months).

How often should check-ups be after breast lift surgery?

In general, the patient is seen on the 3rd and 7th postoperative days. So, the patients coming from outside the city and abroad should stay in the city for at least 1 week.

What is the recovery process like after breast lift surgery?

It is normal to have varying degrees of pain in the first 3 days of the surgery, which differs from person to person. Edema (swelling) and bruising are also expected and relieve within several weeks.

How long should it take for the breast tissue to take its final shape after breast lift surgery?

The process is at least 3, ideally 6 months. At the end of this period, shape, symmetry, trace etc. evaluation is more accurate.

How long should a medical bra be used after breast lift surgery?

The duration may vary from patient to patient, and the general trend is continuous usage of sportive bras for at least one month.

What are the risks of the surgery?

It should be noted that every surgical intervention carries a risk. As with any surgery, the complications that may occur after breast lift surgery include bleeding, swelling (edema), infection and anesthesia risks.

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